Waterfront & Port Facilities

Extensive federal regulations following 9/11 offer important security measures for the nation’s transportation facilities that require seasoned training and expertise. Guardian Integrators provides port and maritime security design and installations meeting the tough standards of the Department of Homeland Security’s Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY Act). Our services include complex edge to core access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and more designed to keep people, infrastructure and cargo secure.

Waterfront facilities are challenged by the need for perimeter security technology that can distinguish between the continuous movement of water and movements made by potential perpetrators. We use leading edge fiber-based technologies, thermal imaging/infrared (IR) and video analytics software to create powerful but cost effective solutions. Harsh environmental conditions especially in our area of the Central Gulf Coast present additional challenges only specialty companies can provide. Our team has decades of combined experience ready to meet that demand.

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