Multi-Family/Condominium & Hospitality

The days of locks and keys are long gone when it comes to multi-family and condominium properties. Guardian excels in customized security solutions for apartment, HOA, POA, condominium complexes and hospitality environments: keys that can’t be duplicated, access systems that add/delete residents as you need to, and cameras that allow real-time view of your buildings 24/7.

Our partner products balance the need for security with the convenience apartment renters, condo-dwellers or vacation-goers expect. Whether you manage a 20 unit condo or a 200 unit apartment complex, tenant safety and building security relies on seamless access controls and video surveillance. Our keyless entry systems with on-demand addition/removal of permission ensure access is limited to paying tenants and renters. And today’s best-in-class HD video systems increase visibility, improve safety, reduce vandalism and ensure quick response by authorities when needed. Right from your cell phone.

With often hundreds of people on site every day, a stream of come and go traffic, and the need for on-the-fly flexibility, the multi-family and condominium sector demands comprehensive solutions. Whether a HOA, POA, apartment complex, beachfront condominium or hotel, we’re here to develop a customized plan with exceptional maintenance and service.

The best welcome mat… is a safe one.

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